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The sale of vinyl records in the UK has risen remarkably over the past decade, from a low of , copies in to 4. But artists are increasingly responsible for the content on the records as well as the packaging. At the forefront of this is the Vinyl Factory—a vinyl pressing company, record label, publisher and, more recently, collaborator on major exhibitions at the Store X space in London.

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The Vinyl Factory owns and runs the biggest pressing plant in the UK. Curious artists have visited the plant, Amiralis says. It was used to record and press 15 records, each in an edition of , featuring collaborations with musicians such as Mica Levi and Thurston Moore. In Arthur Jafa used it creatively during his Serpentine Sackler Gallery show, to record jazz musicians in different London locations. With the advent of more convenient means of recording and disseminating sound, what is it that makes artists increasingly want to use this seemingly outdated medium?

The allure is also the physicality of vinyl.

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For more information, contact info theartnewspaper. Our daily newsletter contains a round-up of the stories published on our website, previews of exhibitions that are opening and more. As a subscriber, you will also get live reports from leading art fairs and events, such as the Venice Biennale, plus special offers from The Art Newspaper. It's an opportunity to really go nuts. When it comes to musicians, they look to me as an artist to find that narrative on my own.

Beyond playing the beta, that material helped me get a better idea of what the game was; I could grasp the emotional idea behind it all, which made it a lot easier to have a powerful vision of what the vinyl artwork should look like. Below The various stages of his colouring process. I wanted to have a primeval — or maybe even futuristic — vision of two core forces in this world, battling it out; try to capture two Absolver gods locked in an evenly-matched battle. It's akin to opening a book and finding a brilliant story inside; for me, the very nature of unfolding a gatefold engenders that sense of surprise.

I remember being really inspired by the designs and illustrations that flowed across each panel; a mash-up of text and imagery that subtly revealed what was in store for the listener. Artwork by Mike Shinoda. Research can include looking at similar media and keeping up to date with various trends and styles, although it's hard to resist the temptation to jump straight in [to drawing].

That said, jumping straight in can often yield interesting results, so I try to find a balance between research for inspiration, and diving in. When I worked on The Talos Principle vinyl, I remember not doing any upfront art research, as I was already very familiar with the tone of the game and the themes of the narrative. The Talos Principle soundtrack Spotify ; Apple Music is ambient and calm, but includes a few tracks that have this rare kind of energy, like the world is going to end.

That influenced the explosive, disintegrating style of the front cover. There should always be room for interpretation, as music is so diverse, and can be interpreted in many ways.

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I prefer to be more abstract, and hint at various things that people will recognise. This format creates many opportunities for designers to keep things flexible, whether they want to be detailed, or minimal with the space. I first saw it as a banner in a guitar shop, but I didn't even know it was an album cover. I would often mindlessly stare at it whilst in the middle of a conversation.

Art and artefact: Illustrators go on the record about vinyl artwork

It's literally a 1' x 2' card stock poster, so why not give people something to look at? You get to pack all these little vignettes into a drawing, and have them come together to create something whole. I'd also be very interested in seeing a vertical illustration on a gatefold, like the way a poster folds out of a magazine. If I ever get to design another vinyl, I gotta try that! There's a ton of potential to experiment with this format, and I'd say that, for me, the STRAFE vinyl was very experimental in a lot of ways.

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I brainstorm ideas and revise them a ton in writing before I even start sketching sometimes. The more time I spend planning, the less time I spend fumbling around a piece, wasting time. On visual reference alone, I like to spend around two days compiling images for a single drawing. I still crack up thinking about it.

Below The image outline before colouring. I think we achieved this with our final product, and I'm glad we took that direction. It created more visual balance and variety in the whole package, much like the actual music [ Spotify ] from the record. How sick would that be?

Art & Vinyl: Artists & the Record Album from Picasso to the Present

I'd preorder a vinyl like that in a heartbeat. The author of this article takes full responsibility for this joke. It needs to succinctly evoke the music, and represent some subtle elements that transmit an idea. Laced With Wax recently interviewed the composer about his score. This game took both of us outside our artistic comfort zone, and I felt the urge to join Yoann on his personal aesthetic.

I haven't found my own art style yet, and I hope I never will. It's much more exciting to explore, especially when you work with talented and inspiring people like Yoann.