How to find out if someone is in jail

Each prison sets its own visiting hours.

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By law, an inmate gets at least four hours of visiting time per month. Inmates at federal prisons have bank-type accounts that they can use to buy things. You can deposit money into a federal inmate's account by:. If the inmate is at a private contract facility , contact that facility or the contract operator for instructions on how to send funds. Options for sending money to inmates in state and local prisons vary.

Contact the state or local correctional department for more information. Search by name for former inmates at each location to see if they served time there.

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  7. How to Find Out If Someone You Know Has Been Arrested or Incarcerated.

Include the following information about the inmate in your request:. The Federal Bureau of Prisons BOP is in charge of ensuring federal prisons are safe, humane, cost-efficient, and secure. It is responsible for more than , inmates and nearly 40, employees. You can file a complaint about a prison, policy, or procedure.

You can also file a complaint about claims of abuse. Find out more in our Privacy and Cookie Policy.

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Hide this message. Prisons and Places of Detention There are 13 prisons and places of detention in Ireland. Description of the types of prisons and centres currently in use.

Know Your Rights

Admission, placement and transfer in prisons This document describes admission, placement and transfer from prisons. Prisoners' rights The main source of prisoners' rights is the Prison Rules Find out more.

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  • Prison conditions There are rules in place governing the conditions in prisons. Find out about diet, hygiene, recreation and visitation committees.

    Prison Medical Services Prison medical services consist of medical, dental, psychiatric and psychological care. Prison Education Services More than half of all prisoners participate in education.

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    Find out about services and options available in the prison system. Sex offenders treatment programmes A new sex offender management policy was introduced in for sex offenders in Irish prisons. Arbour Hill was designated as a national centre and there are two satellite centres.