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But will this be available by people not on the home network? I want to use FTP because I want people to be able to assign the FTP address to a drive letter so it's very easy to use for everyone involved.

Login errors when uploading files via SFTP or FTP

I'm still learning about networking so I don't quite know how to do one of the two things listed above. Does anyone have any advice on the matter? Must've set that up when I set up the NAS portion of the pi, so the main concern is still accessing it remotely, which I'm really going to need a bit of a guide for.

I can't have this become complicated even not-really-easy is considered complicated in this scenario. Let's say it can still be that easy, then it's all about getting the SFTP working on my LAN as my edit said, this is sorted, tried it on filezilla , then getting the connection working to the outside using something like DuckDNS?

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I've also read about setting up a cloud service using owncloud and a raspberry pi. Wouldn't that be way easier? Quote Wed Jul 11, pm Great! If you have access via the LAN, then the next step would be to set up key-based authentication. Or just ensure that your users use strong passwords -- really no joke. Whatever you put on the net, bots will be testing the doorknobs automatically from day 1. After that the next step would be port forwarding on your router.

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Again, check that you have an externally accessible IP number for your router. Everything hangs on that being there. You can't skip this step. Your router will have an option somewhere in the administrative interface to enter the dynamic DNS account and password.

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As to the last question, depending on how you define "cloud" you could consider SFTP to be cloud. Quote Wed Jul 11, pm Would This be what you mean by key-based authorization? I would then follow it up until the port forwarding bit to test it on my local network first wondering if you could test the key-based one in FileZilla, but you probably can EDIT: I checked, it's super easy.

Would love to know if this is what you mean, before I get into it and do something you didn't mean in the first place.

We're definitely going with the key-based one, I don't trust general users and proper passwords. Quote Fri Jul 13, am Great! I can't work on this for the next couple of days, but I'll get back to this soon. The number of failed login attempts can be configured from the Pre-Blocked Settings frame. The Time before login counter reset edit control can be used to set the amount of time that must elapse before the Failed login attempt counter is reset.

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The length of time an address is blocked can be configured using the Auto-Block Timeout setting. Once an address is blocked, the timeout period must elapse before the address is allowed to log in again. You can freely delete an address from the list view.

How to get the correct IP address for FTP purpose using CMD - TSO & ISPF

Deleting the address has the effect of resetting the Failed Login attempt counter for that address to zero. Certain usernames are often tried by automated bots. You can configure Cerberus to automatically block the IP of any connection that attempts to login using one of these banned usernames. How auto-blocking works differs depending upon whether the IP manager is functioning in Blacklist or Whitelist mode. Auto-blocking works differently for Whitelist mode allowing only addresses listed to login to the server. The exception is if the IP address is part of a range of IP addresses.

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If an IP address is part of a range of allowed IP addresses, that range is not deleted. The IP Manager. General page of the Cerberus IP Manager. Download Free Trial Purchase. Download Free Trial Now. Privacy Policy Disclaimer. Submit a Request.