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Zero Wing in Japanese.

How Do We Know When Someone Is Looking At Us?

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Except or except for? Expect , hope or wait? The mechanism that detects eyes and shifts our attention towards them may be innate — newborns just two to five days old prefer staring at faces with direct gaze , for example, over averted gaze. Indeed, our eye structure is distinct from almost all other species.

The area of our eye surrounding our pupil the sclera is very large and completely white. In many animals, by contrast, the pupil takes up a lot of the eye, or the sclera is darker. This is thought to be an adaptation to camouflage the eye in predators — cleverly hiding the direction of gaze from potential prey. But why is gaze so important that it needs all this specialised processing?

Basically, eyes provide us with insights into when something meaningful is happening.

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Shifts in attention from another person are able to, almost reflexively redirect our attention in line with their gaze. Our heightened attention to gaze is thought to have evolved to support cooperative interactions between humans, and is argued to form the foundation for many of our more complex social skills. Disturbances of normal gaze processing are seen across a wide range of conditions. For example, people on the autistic spectrum spend less time in general fixating on the eyes of others.

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They also have more trouble extracting information from eyes, such as emotion or intentions, and are less able to tell when someone is looking directly at them. On the other extreme, highly socially anxious people tend to fixate on eyes more than those with low anxiety, even though they show increased physiological fear reactions when under the direct gaze of another.

You may not realise it, but eye gaze affects something so primitive as our psychological reactions to other people. It is a large cue in establishing social dominance. This also seems to apply to animals.