How to find device id windows mobile

How can I determine the unique identifier (UDID) of a locked device?

This will cost a lot of time! I show you a much faster way in the next few steps. In the next steps I will create a scripts folder on the C drive and enable PowerShell to run scripts. Run the following commands;. NuGet provider is required for this action. Press Y and Enter. NuGet will automatically be downloaded and installing. Run the dir command to see that the PowerShell script is downloaded to the scripts folder.

When you now run the dir command again you see that there is a robinhobo. This file needs to be uploaded to Microsoft Intune. After a few minutes the imported devise shows up. Notes that it is automatically assigned to a profile. In this final step of this blog I will show you the results of previous made configuration.

Startup the device again where we exported the device ID. As you can see, AutoPilot is working and the company branding is applied. This is the Enrollment Status Page as we have configured in step 2. I skip it for now by clicking on Continue anyway. As you can see in the Access work or school settings the devices is Azure AD joined. Hello I set up Autopilot like you described and tryed to test.

Thanks in advance Kaya. Hi Kaya, you can configure that in the Azure Portal under:?

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These steps worked great, but where does the background and banner logo come in? But when I contacted Dell in regards to a hardware purchase recently our sales rep. Hi Bret, as far as I know they can add the devices for you in your Azure tenant. As an alternative the can deliver a spreadsheet document you can import yourself. Regards, Robin. All of the steps were completed, my device has been successfully enrolled in autopilot, and profile assigned. Do I need to reset my PC and remove everything before it will work?

Secondly, have you seen a situation where fresh start will not wipe any user accounts? Hi John, thanks! I have never seen a situation where user accounts stay on the device after a complete wipe. What actions did you perform? Excellent article. Thanks Bobby, regarding for problem. This was a problem with old Windows 10 builds.

Have you tried it with the latest Windows 10 build?

Hi Robin Hobo, Firstly Thanks! Hi, do you have any advice on how to merge multiple. A bit frustrating when there are devices and you can import only one device every 15 min. By the way great article!! I do not want to have to go to every machine, Id like to run it from a domain controller. Once we have these we are going to install Windows 10 onto all of them and have them setup with autopilot so we can remove our on-premise domain controllers.

Can you advise?

Finding the MAC and IP Address of a Device

Thank you robin, Setting up Windows AutoPilot and add existing devices the quickest way your blog was really helpful. This blog is very informative but i have a question How does the win 32 apps will be synced with the new devices? Do I need to download intune company portal and download the apps or does the apps pre-installed after I register the device in Windows Autopilot?

Hi Hari, the Win32 app will be deployed automatically to the Windows 10 devices if it is assined as mandatory required application. About AutoPilot, I try hybrid configuration with AutoPilot, intune and active directory on premise with connector.

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Find the Unknown Device’s Hardware IDs

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Getting the tool

What is Windows AutoPilot? How does it work? In this blog In this blog I show you step-by-step how to configure Windows AutoPilot and how to add existing devices the quickest way with my personal best practices. Configure the requested settings like background image, banner logo and square logo image and click Save Go back to Azure Active Directory and open the Properties page. Configure Windows AutoPilot Profiles and automatic assignments In the next step I show you how to configure a Windows AutoPilot profile and how to assign it to devices.

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Go back Azure Active Directory and open the Groups page. Click the Default profile. Click Save and Create Click the just created profile. Add an existing Windows 10 device to Windows AutoPilot When ordering new devices via Microsoft, Dell, HP and some other big vendors, you can indicate that you are using Windows AutoPilot and want to enable the new devises for it. I copy the csv file to a USB drive with this command; copy robinhobocom. Test the results In this final step of this blog I will show you the results of previous made configuration.

Select your region and click Yes Select your keyboard layout and click Yes Click Skip As you can see, AutoPilot is working and the company branding is applied. I skip it for now by clicking on Continue anyway After a few minutes the new Windows 10 devices is ready for use.

How to Track and Find Your Stolen Windows Phone - 2019 Working Method

And also in Microsoft Intune the devices is enrolled successful. Computer Math and Games in Pascal. Advanced search. Zaher Hero Member Posts: Code: [Select]. I got error when I try to compile: PrintBuffer not declared I added all units list above one note : I remember when I add windows unit my application did not run at all!!