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We have successfully guided clients through each type, ranging from simple to complex divorces. An uncontested divorce: An uncontested divorce can generally be completed in three months or less. This option is best for couples who are able to resolve the issues of their divorce between themselves, with minimum attorney involvement. As your representation, we will prepare all relevant documents and attend the final court hearing.

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This is a very affordable option. A contested divorce: When a breakdown in communication occurs between divorcing spouses, a skilled lawyer is often necessary to assist the parties as they advocate for their child custody time-sharing , child support, spousal support or property division interests. We have represented individuals in numerous contested divorce.

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  • Our ultimate goal is to obtain the best possible results for you. Settlements at mediation: Mediation is a court-ordered process for spouses who cannot initially agree on complicated issues.

    The parties will be assigned a neutral, third-party mediator who will work to assist them and their attorneys in negotiating an outcome to which everyone can agree. A marital settlement agreement can be achieved in an economical and time-efficient manner.

    What To Expect In A Florida Divorce Mediation – FL Divorce Attorney Linda Gruszynski explains

    We know a number of highly qualified mediators who have very high success rates. They are skilled when it comes to keeping emotions and stress levels to a minimum. Post-divorce proceedings: A post-divorce proceeding may be necessary in a number of scenarios.

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    If one or both of the parties experience a substantial change in circumstances post-divorce, they may petition the court to modify amounts of alimony or child support. Your information and question are strictly confidential and used solely to reply to your request. No information is rented or sold. We respect you privacy.

    We realize that filing a Dissolution of Marriage Divorce can be a difficult decision. We are not attorneys being paid by the hour; we charge a flat rate affordable fee. You will speak to a friendly, caring and knowledgeable case manager who will assist you with your needs.

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    As we are not attorneys, if you require legal advice or need to know your rights, we suggest you consult with an attorney prior to starting a case with us. Our fee will be paid at that time. Next we will schedule a follow-up appointment 5 to 10 days later depending on the complexity of your case. Your signature will then be required and we will notarize your documents free of charge. You may bring your spouse in to sign the papers at the same time or they may make an appointment to sign separately. They must sign their papers with a notary and return them to you to be filed in the court; or 2 File your papers in the Court first and then have the Clerk of Court forward your papers to the Sheriff to serve the papers on your spouse additional fee, depending on where your spouse lives ; or use a private process server to do the same; or 3 If you have honestly tried all means to locate your spouse and cannot locate them, the court requires a search and a publication in a local newspaper, a consultation with an attorney may be appropriate but is not required.

    You may ask the court if you qualify to have the court costs waived! Please be aware that we will type all forms contained in the divorce packet that you request, however, the court, NOT US, will set your case for a final hearing to dissolve your marriage.