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Cook County 2018 property tax bills online now

Create an Account - Increase your productivity, customize your experience, and engage in information you care about. While taxpayers pay their property taxes to the Lake County Treasurer, Lake County government only receives about seven percent of the average tax bill payment.

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School districts get the biggest portion about 69 percent. See how your individual property taxes are distributed for any parcel and how to contact those taxing bodies on Lake County's Tax Distribution website. To make property tax information easily accessible, Lake County has launched tax.

Search any Lake County property free of charge by entering an address, property PIN number, or property owner name to view tax bill information, property history, exemptions, permits, sketches, sales history, and a host of other property characteristics. Determine if you have all the exemptions to which you are entitled by using the Smartfile E-filing Portal.


Essentially, property owners pay a portion of the taxes to fund certain government agencies. Local governmental agencies, such as Villages and school districts, determine how much property tax revenue they need within tax caps. These two processes converge to determine property owners' tax bills.

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Some residents may be confused if their real estate market value drops, but their tax bill stays the same or even increases. Remember that you pay a proportionate share of the total property tax levies covering your property.