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They will need original to see. After verification and keeping a copy with them they will return your papers to you. Don't worry about it as long as it is in English.

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Your certificate has registration number and name of the body who issued it. As long as certificate is English there is no problem at all. It may be okay, but they prefer non- laminated documents. I had one at one point laminated wasnt excepted for even jobs or nothing. S ervice Center : Filed Online.

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Which brings me to.. I don't know the lamination process, hence my curiosity. June 11, DS submitted June 25, False checklist for ds They are sealed with heat. Any attempt to remove the laminate will destroy the paper within.

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The only time I've ever been able to remove laminate was immediately after, but because of the glue used, it's pretty rare to get a document out unscathed. My original birth certificate was laminated, although my mother and father did not do it, it came from the government that way. If yours was originally laminated by the government then it should be okay, but it was done afterwards, then perhaps see if you can get a new one.

You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. The type of paper used for standard India official documents is thin by comparison, unlike the standard lb stock used in the US. Hello amirulzin. So did the consulate accept your laminated documents? I have my interview on 15 th Dec.

I am unsure it will be accepted or not so instead I will be submitting documents that are accepted as per country specific mentioned on nvc website if one doesn't have original birth certificate. I am taking secondary evidence which is affidavit by parents. Because I thought will be enough and on interview I could say that my US fiance haven't file for taxes yet? Is Laminated birth certificate accepted at the consulate? This can complicate matters. I suggest you get Legal advise, perhaps through your local social services, then present your case to Department of Home Affairs for further assistance.

Hope that helps. He ends up with no consent letter. As suggested to Tebogo, you may benefit from chatting to your local social services centre, or legal advisor, for a way forward with this.

Good luck! You would still need an unabridged birth certificate to apply for the new passport so this will NOT eliminate the need to apply and collect the unabridged birth certificate. Hi Leon Thanks for the clarity — really helps! Whatever, the case — I now understand that the certificate is necessary either way? Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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So, do kids need to travel with an Unabridged Birth Certificate, or not? Bronwen on Jul 24, at pm. Shakerah Bhagalia on Jul 25, at am. Thanks Bronwen To my understanding the Unabridged Birth Certificate still serves as the Identity Document of the child, and will thus be required for many other matters especially where FICA documents are required. Bronwen on Jul 25, at pm. Thank you so much for the clarity around unabridged certificates Regards Reply.

Tebogo Malahlela on Jul 25, at am. Hi Tebogo Oi! Portia Lopes Das Dores on Jul 25, at am.

Hi Portia As suggested to Tebogo, you may benefit from chatting to your local social services centre, or legal advisor, for a way forward with this.