Louisiana birth certificates and marriage certificates

If a foreign birth certificate, there must be provided a certified English translation. In the event a birth certificate cannot be provided, a letter signed by the proper registration authority, under raised seal or stamp advising that no birth certificate is on file can be submitted in lieu of the birth certificate.

Marriage Licenses

If the applicant cannot provide a letter of no record of birth, a Judge or Justice of the Peace may waive the requirement to provide a birth certificate by written order. Social Security numbers must be provided or a statement by the applicable party that no Social Security number has been issued. The statement of no Social Security number form is available in our office. If applicable, must present proof of termination of prior marriage judgment of divorce or death certificate.

If foreign divorce or death certificate, there must be provided a certified English translation. If one parent has full custody, that parent must come in to sign a consent form, bring their proof of identity along with a certified copy of custody papers showing full custody. Same as above with following additional requirement: If applying for a covenant marriage, applicants must also bring the original notarized Declaration of Intent and Affidavit with attestation from their counselor.

An Official birth certificate or official birth card with the raised seal of the state for both applicants. No other translations are acceptable.

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Foreign language originals must be submitted along with the original translations. If the applicant has been previously married, the applicant must provide a signed, dated copy of the final divorce decree or judgment, or if the former spouse is deceased, a copy of the death certificate.

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Marriage Waiting Period:. There is a 24 hour waiting period between the time of issuance of the license and the ceremony.

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The waiting period can be waived by District Judge or Justice of the Peace in the parish where the license was issued. The waiver must be attached to the completed marriage certificate when it is returned to the clerk of the district court. Age Requirements:. If either applicant to the marriage is 16 or 17 years of age, the signatures of both parents are required along with their identification.

If either applicant is under the age of 16, a court order signed by a State District Judge is required, along with the signatures of both parents and their identification.

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Parents must be the same individuals as named on the applicants birth certificate, and must appear in proper person with current official identification to sign the permission document. Parents must appear with the applicants at the time of license application. Sole custody papers presented must be certified legal documents as issued by the court relating to the minor applicant.

Provisional custody by mandate documents, power of attorney, and notarial emancipation are NOT acceptable.

Identification Requirements for a Birth Certificate. Primary Documents- Any one of these:. Certificate of Citizenship Form N or N Students high school or younger a current school yearbook or a current school identification document with a photograph which clearly identifies the applicant.