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She was born in North Carolina. She died on. She married BILL. GOINS had the following children:. GOINS was born. Nancy M. She was born on 18 Jun in. He married an unknown spouse. He was born on 22 Dec in Dan River, Patrick. County, Virginia, United States. He married EMMA. He died on 18 Dec in Moore, North Carolina. North Carolina, United States.

He died on 14 May He married spouse on 29 Nov in Stoneville. She was the oldest daughter of William Anderson Goins c. He died on 11 May in Rockingham, North Carolina. ROSA A. She married. He died in January 30, March 15, , Middleburg, Clay County, Florida; d. January 07, , Middleburg, Clay County, Florida.

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January 07, , Middleburg, Clay County, Florida; d. July 25, , Clay County, Florida. November 08, , Clay County, Florida; d. March 18, , Clay County, Florida. He was born January 18, , and died November February 28, ; d. September 11, , Middleburg, Clay County, Florida.

December 09, ; d. October 01, He was born March 21, , and died October 21, March ; d. April 16, ; d. April 10, , Clay Co.

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March 02, CERCY, b. February 27, ; d. May 31, , Clay County, Florida; d. Clay County, Florida.

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March 22, ; d. February 20, January ; d.

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July 17, November 24, ; d. January 06, October 26, ; d.

March 28, July 06, , Clay County, Florida; d. March 05, July 30, ; d. November March 21, , Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida. October 16, , Clay County, Florida; d. September 02, , Tampa, Hillsbourgh County, Florida. February 20, , Clay County, Florida; d. August 04, , Clay County, Florida. November 19, , Clay County, Florida; d. May 28, , Clay County, Florida; d. October 01, , Clay County, Florida; m.

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May 01, , Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida; d. December 19, He was born November 15, , and died November 08, July 19, , Jacksonville, Duval Co. March 13, ; d. April , Jacksonville, Duval Co. Well thanks anyway Would be interested to know the source of your information re Anne Bruce--"d. Martha Nakajima. Six sons.

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Virginia Fountain Oliver Research Materials. He was the son of Edmond Fountaine. He married Unknown. Mary Byrd, by Richard Bland, her attorney, relinquishes to John Fountaine her right of dower in certain lands in Jordans. Weisiger III, page , dated June 3, At Orphans Court at Westover 18 Sept. William Byrd acknowledged deed to John Fountain. In , land belonging to John Fountain, deceased, was escheated and granted to Mrs.

Frances Wynne. Escheat L. Escheated from John Fountaine, dec'd for acs. BYRD, Esqr. This would indicate that John Fountain died intestate before 16 December and his son, John, was not yet eligible to inherit, being underage. Since John the father was an alien, the land was escheated by the crown.

Naturalization did not give the right for heirs to inherit; land could be devised, or willed, but not inherited if the person died intestate. The land that was escheated can be seen, by its description and on a colonial map, to be "land in the Jordans. By that fact then we can assume that John was 21 by then. If then his birth can be placed at about