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On the topic of arrest records, the Human Rights Commission advises employers not to ask about arrest history during a pre-employment screening; arrests are not proof of guilt and cannot provide any verified insight about a candidate or their character.

Conducting a Record Check

Regarding conviction data, the Human Rights Commission recommends employers only consider criminal convictions expressly related to the duties of the job at hand. Expunged Records Job candidates and employees in Kansas have the right to withhold information about any arrests or convictions that have been expunged from the public record.

Employers are not allowed to ask about expunged criminal history. This background check of Kansas records should not include any data that has been legally expunged. Ban the Box Kansas has not been a regular adopter of ban the box legislation.

Criminal Background Checks

There is no statewide policy in place, and only four jurisdictions Johnson County, Kansas City, Topeka, and Wichita have passed local laws on the subject. Each of these jurisdictions only bans the box for public jobs, which means private employers do not need to remove criminal history questions from their job applications. New ban the box policies are constantly being introduced, which means it is in the best interest of all employers to keep an eye on the latest legislative activity in their cities and counties as well as statewide developments.

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Common Questions. To conduct an online criminal record check, applicable facilities will need the following:. KDADS is responsible for overseeing and administering the state's Older American's Act programs, behavioral health programs, home and community based services HCBS for older adults and persons with disabilities, the management and oversight of four state hospitals, survey and certification for adult care homes, and the distribution of Medicaid long-term care payments.

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