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Before scheduling an appointment with a new doctor, check their disciplinary record and make sure they are properly licensed. You can obtain this information from the New York State Department of Education for license information or the Department of Health for disciplinary information.

Doctors must show you your medical records and X-rays at any time at your request without charge, and you may obtain a copy of your records for a reasonable fee. Doctors may not reveal personal information about you without your consent except as required by law.

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For more details, view the page about consumer health information privacy on the Department of Health and Human Services website here. Doctors must provide you with all the information you need to give informed consent to a procedure or treatment, including any potential risks and benefits.

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A New York State list of patient rights in English can be found here. For Spanish, click here.

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If you have a malpractice complaint against a doctor, you can obtain a complaint form here and view instructions about how to file the complaint with the New York State Department of health. Medical Society of the County of Kings, Inc.

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Nassau County Medical Society, Inc. Medical Society of the County of Queens, Inc.

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Suffolk County Medical Society Inc. It is a searchable database of physicians who have been disciplined since This book lists physicians practicing in the United States that have a certified medical specialty from their respective medical board. Entries are listed by specialty and geographical area.

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Website created by the American Medical Association that provides basic professional information on physicians in the United States. Site requires registration to search, but it is free. Physician Organizations can be a good way to find physicians with specific specialties and areas of expertise.