Obtaining a copy of a divorce decree in arizona

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Skip to Main Content. Sign In. Clerk of the Superior Court Clerk Function The Clerk of the Superior Court, which the Arizona Constitution established as an elected official within each of the state's 15 counties, serves as the official record keeper and financial officer of the Superior Court. In this role the Clerk identifies the changing needs of various records management programs to ensure that the interest of the courts and the public are secured. This flow of funds is accomplished only through court order and statutory authorization.

What Is a Marriage Certificate?

The Santa Cruz County Clerk of the Court has been appointed as the county's Probate Registrar and performs limited judicial functions in association with that appointment. Older Arizona case filings may not be available online at all.

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These must be collected in person or through postage. These include cases filed before For cases prior to , you may have to visit a court in person to resurface the case. Arizona divorce records have been kept in an organized system in the state since , so over a century of marriage certificates and divorce decrees are available through the court, if not by online means. To begin your Arizona divorce records search online, use the above form and enter a first and last name to begin.

Arizona Divorce Records

Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. To obtain an official copy of an Arizona divorce decree you will want to contact the Arizona Superior Court in the Arizona county your divorce was processed in. Contact the Arizona Superior Court 2.

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Request a Copy of a Divorce Decree 3. File for a copy in person, by mail, online or over the phone 4. Pay the corresponding fee for the copy of the record 5. Processing may take a few weeks.

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I am overseas and I need urgently this Divorce decree. Is it possible to send it via e-mail as soon as I pay?

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In order to receive a copy of your divorce decree you will need to contact the Arizona courthouse clerk where your divorce decree was filed. They will be able to assist you with getting a certified copy of a divorce decree out to you via mail.

This may take several weeks depending on where you are located. In order to obtain an official copy of your Arizona divorce decree you will want to contact the Arizona county courthouse clerk where your divorce was filed.

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You can also visit the Arizona county court website and request a copy of your divorce decree online, by phone, fax or via mail. If you want to obtain your AZ divorce decree online then you can use the VitalCheck service through the AZ court website. You will need to provide your full name, identification and pay the relevant fee for a copy of your Arizona divorce decree online. Contact the Arizona court where your divorce decree was filed 2. Request a copy of your divorce decree online or by mail 3. Provide your full name, date of divorce and identification 4.

Pay the relevant fee for a certified or non-certified copy 5.

What is a Certified Copy of a Decree of Divorce?

Processing of your AZ divorce decree by mail takes a couple weeks. Are you looking for an Arizona divorce record for reference or are you looking to obtain a certified copy of an Arizona divorce certificate. We can definitely assist you with locating the Maricopa divorce information, for reference, if you provide us with the full name of the person in question and the approximate date of the divorce. In order to obtain an official copy of an Arizona divorce record you will need to reach out to the county courthouse where the AZ divorce was filed.