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Contact the Development and Inspections Division. Information pertaining to preparation of tax returns for state income taxes may be obtained by contacting the Georgia Department of Revenue. Georgia Department of Revenue dor. E-Verify is an Internet-based system that allows businesses to determine the eligibility of their employees to work in the United States.

Businesses are required to obtain a federal employers tax identification number to report income and to submit federal payroll taxes. Federal income tax information and assistance may be obtained by calling the IRS at or to request forms at Non Profit Corporations or Charitable Organizations must supply a c 3 or other exemption status.

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Businesses are required to collect sales taxes on the retail sale of merchandise, the rental of certain items, and for certain services. Contact the Georgia Department of Revenue to obtain a sales tax number.

Certain professionals and specified construction-related businesses such as plumbers, electricians, heating and air conditioning contractors, building contractors, or mechanical contractors, etc. Information pertaining to these requirements may be obtained by calling To form a corporation in the State of Georgia, contact the Secretary of State's Office at or sos.

It is not necessary to be incorporated to begin business in Cobb County.

Required Documentation & Information

If you are incorporated, please submit a copy of your certificate of incorporation with the Occupation Tax Certificate application. Your business must be registered with both the State and local jurisdiction. If the applicant signer remains the same each year and the applicant is a United States citizen, the Citizenship Affidavit is NOT required each year. A Private Employer Affidavit is required each year for businesses with 10 or less employees. A Private Employer Affidavit is NOT required if a business has 11 or more employees and has previously provided an e-verify number.

Generally, the cost of an Occupation Tax Certificate, commonly referred to as a Business License, fee is determined by the:. The Business License Division cannot promise a date that a certificate will be issued. Interest and penalty are mandated by the Cobb County Code of Ordinances and cannot be waived. All real and personal property taxes owed to Cobb County must be paid prior to the issuance or renewal of a business license.

What is an EIN Number?

Business License. FAQ Topics. Box or a place such as UPS store. When does my certificate expire? Can your office notarize my affidavits, if I come there?

I did not receive my Occupation Tax Certificate. Can you send me another one? Do I need to contact Site Plan Review regarding my business? What businesses need to contact the Cobb County Zoning Division? How do I contact the Georgia Department of Revenue?

How to get a sales tax exempt certificate to resell on Amazon, Ebay and Poshmark. Save Money!!!

What is an e-verify number and where do I get one? The burden of proof that a sale is not subject to tax is upon the person who makes the sale, unless the seller, in good faith, takes from the purchaser a valid certificate of exemption.

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On a sale for resale, a certificate relieves the seller from the burden of proof if the seller takes, in good faith, a properly completed certificate from a purchaser who:. It does not verify state tax identification numbers, federal employer identification numbers, out-of-state sales tax numbers, or social security numbers. In general, a seller should only accept a certificate of exemption when the certificate is: Fully completed, including, but not limited to, the name, address, a valid sales tax number, and signature of the taxpayer when required; In a form appropriate for the type of exemption claimed; Claiming an exemption that was statutorily available on the date of the transaction in the jurisdiction where the transaction is sourced; Claiming an exemption that could be applicable to the item being purchased; and Claiming an exemption that is reasonable for the purchaser's type of business.

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