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In Utah, the BAC limit was lowered to 0. In addition, they all have zero tolerance laws prohibiting drivers under the age of 21 from drinking and driving.

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Generally the BAC in these cases is 0. Campaigns against alcohol-impaired driving especially target drivers under the age of 21, repeat offenders and to year-olds, the age group that is responsible for more alcohol-related fatal crashes than any other.

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To make sellers and servers of liquor more careful about to whom and how they serve drinks, 42 states and the District of Columbia have enacted laws or have case law holding commercial liquor servers legally liable for the damage, injuries and deaths an alcohol-impaired driver causes. Thirty-nine states have enacted laws or have case law that permit social hosts who serve liquor to people who subsequently are involved in crashes to be held liable for any injury or death. States identified mandate the devices on offenders' vehicles.

Counts only laws meeting federal requirements.

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Source: U. Alcohol-impaired crash fatalities 1 Year Total traffic fatalities Number As a percent of all crash deaths Still, pot remains front and center in a number of deadly vehicular accidents in states where the laws governing its use have been loosened. Here are some of those stories that made the news:. But the limitations of the data make it impossible to know for sure how many of the documented incidents were directly caused by marijuana use. Johnson was wrong, said FactCheck.

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Investigators say reckless driving and speeding were to blame for a December crash that killed two popular high school athletes in Falmouth, according to a report released this week by police and published in the Boston Globe. James Lavin was driving home from hockey practice with Owen Higgins when he crashed into a tree on Thomas B.

Landers Road on Dec. Lavin then lost control and hit a tree, according to a Falmouth police statement.

Lavin died at the scene, and Higgins died in Rhode Island Hospital the next day. The students, both 17, also played football at Falmouth High School. The road was wet, but it is not believed to have been a cause of the crash, the statement said. The Globe reported that there was also no defect found with the car that could have led to the crash. The police did not say whether the teenagers had smoked the drug immediately prior to the crash, and it does not cite the drug among the reasons for the incident.

Passers-by stopped and freed the man, but he died at the crash scene. At the time, the sale of recreational marijuana was not yet allowed in Maine as it is today, but it was legal back then to grow and possess cannabis. State police Trooper Rick Spicer told the Rochester Voice that the victim was driving a friend home from the festival around p. Spicer said the truck spun around and rolled over. Neither man was wearing a seat belt, Spicer said.

Spicer told the newspaper that there was no smell or evidence of alcohol use.

Steven Bourgoin, 37, of Williston had 10 nanograms per milliliter of Delta-9 THC, an active ingredient of marijuana, in his system when a sample of his blood was taken at a. He was taken to the University of Vermont Medical Center in Burlington following the crash shortly before midnight on Oct. The number of drivers involved in fatal crashes in Colorado who tested positive for marijuana has risen sharply each year since , more than doubling in that time, federal and state data show. Nearly a dozen in had levels five times the amount allowed by law, and one was at 22 times the limit.

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