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The guide itself is still updated from time to time, even now, two years after we first released it to the GTAForums community. Japanese no it doesn't, that's completely wrong , and this is an all round okay performer.

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Good handling,. Comments: Not exactly fast but what d'ya expect for a Hearse? Corpses tend not to be the joyriding type. Comments: Just like the maverick but with a police paint scheme and a slightly thinner tail. Can be used as a battering ram at once it gets going a bit. Facing the turret backwards and firing while driving greatly increases speed.

This cannot start Vigilante. Comments: Personally my favourite car in the game, has awesome speed and handling, also has stylish looks. Comments: A pretty decent car, or would it be called truck, this vehicle isn't particularly useful for anything though. Comments: Pretty useless as a weapon as it's quite rare and only deals minor damage.

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You just try chiseling someone in real life, see what they do. Comments: Mmmm, nothing better than the feeling you get inside while hacking away at someone with a cleaver. These can be round on the person of a Triad or near a noodle stand in Chinatown. Comments: Bigger than a cleaver, smaller than a katana, and the same scale goes for damage. Have fun pretending to be Jason. Comments: The police will try to beat you to death with these, although they probably won't have any more luck than you, because these things serve no practical use besides running past someone and hitting them up-side the head.

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My picture looks rather artistic too if I do say so myself. Thanks for reading! CheatSync: Good lawd I didn't know this thing was still alive, but thanks to the service and the cheat makers, I was able to track down a few pesky weapons very quickly. I think this is a great topic. Yes it's up, our guide looks awsome, well done to me and you. I rate this good. Thanks Dave, yeah it did take a while, but now it has a shiny star! Nice job guys, a good vote from me. Ok, thanks for the comments Nick, I'll get around to updating it in a sec. You can obtain the campaign van and ballot van through missions,and I think they are parked somewhere in Staunton afterwords.

Anyways, you can obtain the campaign van through the mission Steering the vote. I noticed you guys put a question mark there. And the ballot van can be obtained through Counterfeit Count. Well the thing is we considered adding the Ghost, but came to a conclusion that is was mearly an unfinished police boat, also the train and ferry are not driveable so we didnt add them. You could add the ferry and train under a new category of "Public Transportation" or something like that. Bloody awesome work guys! Been waiting for one of these.

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Recommended Posts. Posted May 18, edited. Basically, here you will find information on all cars, such as Speed, Weight, Name and ID and some comments on the vehicle. For weapons you will find the name, the category, Power, Rate of Fire and Comments. Anyway, on with the guide! It's light, and turns pretty well. Location: Randomly spawns in the driveways of the houses next to the Shoreside Vale hideout.

The handling isn't too bad, it can really build up speed over time and it isn't too heavy. Location: In the lot of Capital Auto sales. Only drive this if you really have to, or for some reason want to. Location: Around Portland and Staunton Island.

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Very fast, very light, and handles well too. The thing you have to watch out for though is that it doesn't take damage too well, and a few hard hits can do a lot of damage. Struggles to get to even a decent speed, and it handles like a shopping cart. Not recommended for joyrides unless you're an OAP. Location: Driving around in front of your Portland hideout.

With the right amount of space to accelerate, it can go pretty fast. The handling is pretty standard, and it isn't too heavy. Name: Patriot ID: Speed: 6. They're pretty fast, the weight doesn't restrict it in any way. Plus, it is the best vehicle to climb the SSV hills, the grip is superb. Definitely a good vehicle! Location: Commonly drives around the streets of SSV. It's a posh thing to ride around in, but it's slow, heavy and handles like a turd on wheels.

Only ride around in this if you want to feel richer than your pathetic poor self really is. Location: Common around Staunton. Edited August 18, by kingvercetti. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Not a very nice car to drive, slow as anything and a low acceleration rate, but okay handling. Location: In the parking garage outside your Staunton hideout.

A good choice of car, although as with all sports cars it isn't very tolerant to damage.