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The fish cars seemed a better means of safely shipping more fish, greater distances. The appropriation for this pricey acquisition was partly justified to carry Wisconsin fish to the World's Fair the Columbian Exposition of in Chicago. The fish car, named the Badger 1, went into service in the summer of and remained in use until In most years the car logged more than 20, rail miles delivering fish and fry where the Wisconsin rail system reached.

Badger 1 was sold to the Canadian government and its whereabouts today are unknown. A replacement, Badger 2 was purchased in Its steel construction and sturdy design could travel on modern rail lines and the train held many more fish than its predecessor. By the early s, Wisconsin's road system was improving and highways reached many areas of the state not served by regular rail service.

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The Conservation Commission purchased two new fish trucks that could each haul only half the number of fish cans as the Badger 2, but required less handling to stock the fish. As rail transport costs rose, more fish trucks were added to the fisheries fleet, and the end of the fish car era was in sight. In the mid s, the Badger 2 was sold to a private railroad contractor and turned into a rolling office. In the Legislature created three unpaid positions to serve as Commissioners of Fisheries.

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Hoy of Racine. Hoy, a physician, was very interested in animal life and started the first fisheries surveys. History Archaeology. World History. Science Age of Humans.

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