Animation that looks like real people

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Too real means too creepy in new Disney animation

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Computers in Human Behavior, 26 6 , — doi : Measuring the uncanny valley effect: Refinements to indices for perceived humanness, attractiveness, and eeriness. International Journal of Social Robotics, 9 1 , — Android science: Toward a new cross-disciplinary framework. Rockefeller so as to give Burns the motivation of money as well as "the embodiment of corporate greed.

The Sculpture That Looks Like A Real-Life Cartoon

Hello, he's Troy McClure. You might remember him from The Simpsons as an actor and heartthrob well past his prime who can only get work in B-movies, educational films, and infomercials. Simpsons writer Mike Reiss revealed on a Simpsons DVD commentary track that he met McClure's daughte r, who told him her dad figured out they were making fun of him…and that his kids called him "Troy" when he wasn't in the room.

Eric Stough has been helping make South Park since the early s, when it was just a couple of crudely animated Christmas-themed shorts. Today, Stough still works for Trey Parker and Matt Stone—whom he's known since middle school—as the animation director for the long-running series. Stough says he's almost as agreeable as Butters , and had a similar strict upbringing.

While he still might be best known as the frontman of forward-thinking rock band Devo, Mark Mothersbaugh is now one of the most sought after film composers working in movies and TV—his credits include The Royal Tenenbaum s, Rushmore, Regular Show, and Rugrats. Not only did he create the show's memorably weird synth and vocal-based underscores, but his unique personal style inspired the design of Chuckie , one of the show's lead characters.

We're both near-sighted. And I had pretty wild hair back then," Mothersbaugh explained. Rocko is anxious, overwhelmed, and out of step with the world around him—just like the stock male character in a number of Woody Allen movies, often played by Allen himself. In his pitch to Nickelodeon, Rocko's Modern Life creator Joe Murray described his title character as "a young, anthropomorphic Woody Allen, who has just moved away from home into a surrealistic adult world.

Also, he's a wallaby with an Australian accent. The tough-as-nails tattooed sailor man with a soft spot for Olive Oyl and a nearly incoherent speaking voice—and who obtained superpowers upon eating spinach—debuted in the comics section of newspapers in Cartoonist E. Segar had a strip called Thimble Theatre. Various characters came and went in Thimble Theatre since Segar had created it in —so it took him 10 years to come up with Popeye.

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